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Oneshots with female Luffy and the crew. Oneshots will go in order in which the character "join", doesn't matter if officially or not. Not all of them are romances, some are friendships, angst, etc. More characters might be added as well. FemLuffyxStrawhat Pirates.

Luffy led Zoro to Rika's mother's pub, joined by Coby whom had been informed of Morgan's and Helmeppo's sins by Rika. Once Luffy introduced himself as the vanquisher of Morgan, all three of them got to eat for free. Zoro leaned back and rubbed his belly after his 10th plate. "Nothing like survival food!"Luffy trashes around helplessly, trying to stay afloat but couldn't. Bandit Royal Idiot merely laughed in triumph and he didn't see the shadow that was heading at him until it was too late. He then looked at the face of a sea-king, the smile in his face was wiped out and he yelled for help when the sea king, the Lord of the Coast swallowed him.

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Angst with a Happy Ending. Ace, a dancer in the once-proud kingdom of Goa, is demeaned and humiliated by Blackbeard, a power-hungry king with a strong army. Luckily, Marco comes in just in time to save the kingdom from ruin. From there, feelings blossom between the …Fanfic /. You Are No Demon. You are no Demon is a One Piece fanfiction written by Pen-Woman. Zoro has always been in love with Luffy (who's female in this story) since the first time he met her, but never had the courage to confess her his feelings. Sadly, one day, Luffy get shot by a Marine Captain and Zoro goes in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge ...The man named Whitebeard asked curiously with Ace looking at her father-figure with a soft smile on her face. "It's Naruto-kun old man the one who stole my fiery heart." She said with watery eyes but, White beard and his crew gasped in shock while he had slightly widened eyes and stared at the huge explosion.Luffy and Kaido ran at each other. Kaido smacked Luffy as hard as he could but Luffy's Head just wrapped around the Hassaikai. Then Luffy dodged Kaido and started rotating his arms and Kaido could only look and take on the attack head on, literally. Luffy's fist went straight through Kaido's face and Kaido was launched back.

FanFiction | unleash ... Luffy, fem!Luffy, Luffyko) One Piece - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,332 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 216 - Follows: 224 - Published: 6/30/2014 - Luffy, Strawhat Pirates. One Piece (Female Luffy) by Insomniac Demon reviews.Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net; Summary. In a moment of pure, dying desperation, Luffy awakens her Devil Fruit in Marineford. This has several long-term consequences, but the most baffling of which to her is Big Mom suddenly offering her one of her sons in marriage alongside Sanji wedding Pudding! ... Female Monkey D. Luffy (311) Genderbending ...This will be a story where Luffy is female. I have warned you! For this story is a rare pairing of Luffy x Mihawk. Something that I thought about after one late night of just reading random stories. Duel Devil Fruits. Black Flame Queen. Chapter 1. Standing outside of the Baratie, Luffy met eyes with a man with golden eyes.The secrecy didn't stop the speculation, and between their misadventures, Nami, Sanji, and Usopp found themselves constantly wondering about Luffy's odd behavior. For the first few weeks since leaving Zoro behind, Luffy was uncharacteristically withdrawn, and Robin wasn't spilling the gossip on why he was upset.

Portgas D. Ace Lives. Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net. In a moment of pure, dying desperation, Luffy awakens her Devil Fruit in Marineford. This has several long-term consequences, but the most baffling of which to her is Big Mom suddenly offering her one of her sons in marriage alongside Sanji wedding Pudding!Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Law Luffy Corazon Insert Doflamingo Law Trafalgar Manga. [Doflamingo x Female Reader x Corazon] Finding a tiny purpose in life gives her a reason to keep living but finding the second purpose might prove to be fatal. Especially when two brothers end up wanting her to be theirs.Baby 5 yells and pulls her opposite arm back, now in the shape of a spiked club, ready to strike Nami once more despite the girl's protests. Law's own shouts join the mix with King Riku, and Buffalo jeers, egging his sister on. Doflamingo puts an end to the altercation with a hand on Baby 5's arm to check her attack. ….

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Sister Luffy : Do you think this is cute!? : Very cute! Because I am cute! Image. 2:48 PM · Apr 12, 2020 · 224.Today Ace turned 17. The age they'd initially agreed that they would sail out into the open sea and start their lives as pirates. Ace wasn't going. During the week leading up to his 17th, Ace had become increasingly withdrawn, causing Luffy to question her selfish desire to keep him with her.

There was no other relative for her. She was alone. Luffy opened the door to the apartment she and Ace shared. She walked pass the kitchen and pass the living room. She walked by the open door that led to her messy room and opened the door to her brother's decent one. She looked in the room and Ace's scent filled her. Next >. Love of Two Captains. Chapter 1: Secret Revealed and Luffy Sorrow. There will be OOCNESS. In his life Trafalgar Law had seen many things. He had seen his home wiped off the face of the earth thanks to the greed of the Government and the Royals. He had seen a man who was so clumsy that he set his own coat on fire by lighting a cigarette ...Wolfy-tan: Hello, new readers! I was inspired to start this story after reading some Fem!Luffy stories, and I noticed there was a lack of them in the One Piece fanfiction, so I thought 'Why not?' and started typing. Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece. Chapter 1: Lucy and Shanks! "Everyone listen up! I ain't jokin' around! You'll see! I'll prove ...

publix soup bar Oct 2, 2016 · Monkey D. Lucy and Roronoa Zoro are still only halfway to their dreams, but at least they have each other. The New World is hard and dangerous, but like all great things, it's wonderful too. They're the Pirate King and the World's Greatest Swordsman, after all. The rest of the world just hasn't quite caught on yet. live greyhound racing todayfbisd onelink Daffodils by Anonymous. Hancock flees Amazon Lily and joins Luffy in the New World. It's a recipe for trouble—he's gotten taller and handsomer, and her newfound freedom has lowered her inhibitions. When they accidentally wander into a field of aphrodisiacal flowers together, the conclusion is inevitable. rat osrs The King's Women Chapter 1: Alvida, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction. Rated: - English - Romance - [Luffy, Nami, Robin, Boa Hancock] - Chapters: 20 - Words: …A seasoned merchant of the New World drifts in the weakest sea of all, and finds a dream in the form of Luffy, adventures, and piracy. "How unlucky we are, to be named... Browse through and read female luffy fanfiction ace sabo fanfiction stories and books. flank speed navy login28000 sw freewayaccuweather duluth ga Fire was ordered and Zoro and Coby were resigned to die, but when they opened there eyes they weren't dead, but Luffy was standing in front of them with a classic Cheshire Smile. The bullets were hovering in front of her, just floating. Then they all fell to the ground and Luffy stepped in front of Zoro.Female Luffy; Overprotective Ace and Sabo; Overprotective three admirals and Garp; Creepypasta crossover; Summary. A short-hooded figure watches every character in One Piece with amusement, her eyes mostly settled on one specific person- Monkey D. Luffy, who's being scolded by her orange-hair female friend. The nineteen-year-old just grin ... ozark buddy Complete. Monkey D Luffy, daughter of the Revolutionary Dragon has been apart of the army since she was old enough to fight. She shares her father's dream of fighting for what she believes in, but often has a hard time doing things in secrecy. In this story, Luffy is a female and never met Shanks and now has a different devil fruit. dallas doppler weather radarclingmans dome weather webcam2 cm dilated 50 effaced how much longer Chapter Twelve: Lougetown. Luffy has aged two years; the five and a half year old had grown up and wants off the ship. But Shanks being so over protective of the girl wouldn't let her. The crew are heading back over to East Blue for a holiday; they are on Loguetown at the moment restocking. "Shanks I want to go!"